Vision LFP12-100A Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

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With 100Ah of lithum power packed into the same sized case as a lead-acid 100Ah and a greater depth of discharge, it’s no wonder that these batteries are becoming the first port of call to those with a tighter space to squeeze their battery into - and you’re getting more bang for your buck with the higher power density in the same footprint too.

Also lighter than other alternatives, these Vision lithiums are perfect for applications where weight can be an issue, so could prevent a two man job in carrying the battery to a difficult-to-reach spot or stop the trusty old campervan from qualifying for a COF.

The V-LFP12V100AH batteries sport rugged cases that are fully sealed and maintenance free, concealing safer technology along with the added benefit of an easier recharge thanks to their superior recharge absorbtion.

Easy to parallel and add to a series and even easier to retrofit into applications with solar charge controllers, these batteries are simply all-rounders that will just keep on cranking.

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