Steel Speaker Bracket for speakers up to 10kg

SKU: CW2841



This sturdy bracket has main axis angle adjustment by a diecast, toothed plate secured by a wing nut. The detents won't slip as can happen with ball types. Minor axis adjustment is by a handwheel with backup by lockscew. As a safety measure a steel wire lanyard loosely attaches the two halves of the bracket together- a good safety feature that is common in professional P.A Installations. The wall plate has holes for 4 x 6mm (or ¼) screws. Another hole is provided for speaker wire egress. The speaker mounting plate has 4 x 4mm holes and also two slotted holes.Specifications: Max Speaker box weight 10kgAngle Variation: Main- over 180° Minor-360°Wall mount plate: 100 (W) x 105 (H)mmSpeaker mount plate: 80 (W) w x 45 (H)mmDistance from speaker to wall 135mm

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