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Remote Control Included
Batteries Included
Some aesthetically pleasing home theatre setups may not be 100% functional. Video/audio source devices like DVD players or stereo systems may be hidden in a cabinet to create a clean minimalistic setup. In these scenarios, the signal from your remote control may be partially or completely blocked. To overcome this issue you can use this IR repeater extender kit which will give you full control of your devices all through a tiny little IR receiver.Plug the IR receiver in (to receive signals from your remote), then connect up to 4 devices to the emitter outlets to easily control all those sources even if they're hidden from view. Thanks to the 3M adhesive backing on the IR receiver the emitters can be mounted in an unobtrusive location. The kit is 4 channel so will accept up to 4 source devices. The IR repeater unit includes mounting holes and screws for attachment to your cabinet or other surface.Kit includes:• 2 x Dual IR emitter cables included• 1 x IR receiver cable (to receive signals from remote controls)• 1 x Mains plugpack• 1 x Repeater/Extender

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