12V 10A Battery Charging Regulator for Solar Panels

SKU: AA0348



Designed for efficiently charging 12V batteries using solar cells rated up to 10 amps. It is easy to wire up, prevents battery discharge during low sunlight and indicates charging and full battery conditions using a yellow and green 3mm LED. Ideal for charging 12V SLA batteries from solar panels up to 120 watts. 10 amp fuse and fuseholder recommended - not supplied.

• Update specifications to: Technical data: Input voltage solar cell panels: 14 - 30 V/DC open circuit voltage Nominal voltage: 12 V/DC
• Max. input current: 10 A,
• short-time till 5 min: 20 A
• Inrush voltage: battery voltage approx. <13.4 V
• Interrupting voltage: battery voltage approx. >14.4 V
• Displays: 1 LED for “CHARGING”, 1 LED for “BATTERY FULL”
• Own power consumption: <2.5 mA (LED switched on)


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